Continuing Onward

Continuing Onward

Posted by Ashley | February 12, 2018 | 2017, 2018
Some more recent bookings and events include the following:

The Mayfair Awards at The Dorchester Hotel.

Several awards voice overs and auctions.

2017 events

Master of Ceremonies and Marshall for City, University of London graduations,
including the installation of The Right Honorable The Lord Mayor as Rector.

National Days for the Embassies of Kuwait and Qatar.

CST Security Dinner with The Home Secretary and The New Commissioner of The Metropolis.

A private Reception. Dinner and performance by Carol King.

Commonwealth High Commissioners Dinner with The Prime Minister of Malta.

With the Prime Minister of Malta

Evening Standard New Homes Awards.

Several High-Profile Weddings in Monte Carlo, Florence and Geneva. Including working
as Celebrant.

With bird of prey

The Tim Henman Foundation Charity Dinner.
The Wimbledon Champions Dinner at Guildhall.

The Man Booker Prize with Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall.

A VIP Reception at The Royal Society

State Banquet for There Majesties the King and Queen of Spain.

A Private Luncheon at Claridges For Her Majesty the Queen and Lady Elizabeth Anson.

The Queen and Lady Anson.

The Royal Variety Show Party at Grosvenor House.

Royal Variety Lunch

The CBI dinner with the Home Secretary.

The Balfour Declaration Centennial Dinner with The Prime Ministers of United Kingdom
and The State of Israel, with guests including The Chief Rabbi and The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Balfour Declaration Centennial Dinner